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Warped Tour

Today is the NE stop of the famed Warped Tour, and we did not attended. I think at some point in time we though about going to do the whole pass out demos and such thing, but with all the changes it just didn’t happen. None of us went to even just check out the bands, the past few years I’ve been to the tour, it’s just been lack luster. I can’t tell if I’m growing up or music just isn’t as good. All the new bands seem to either be very gimmicky or essentially just playing an exact copy of bands we already have, not to mention a ton of those bands are still playing the sales songs they played a decade ago (not sure how I feel about that). Anyways if you’re there, I hope you enjoy it, if you didn’t go then maybe you share my apathetic sentiments on the tour. I still think it can be an amazing time, a highlight of summer and we would love to be a part of it someday. Here’s to hoping next summer goes a bit more smoothly.

What’s Good?!

Ay tumblr world,

So, we are finally going to use this tumblr! It looks good and with Facebook not letting our posts reach everyone this is a good alternative. 

Let’s go over some news:

Dan Ravenell is our new guitarist.

We have a show July 21st, details are here:


That’s about it, we’re also going to be demoing and writing new music. Our debut EP is still available over at either iTunes or Big Cartel, both of which have links over at the right. (So do all of our social networks, check ‘em out!)


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